Emergency Kit

In most emergencies you should be able to stay at home or at work. In this situation, you may have to rely on your Emergency Survival Kit.

This kit should include:

Emergency items

Food and water for at least three days

Supplies for babies and small children

Place your Emergency Kit somewhere that is easy to get to and make sure everyone in your house knows where it is kept. If you keep some of your Emergency Kit items in the house for everyday use, make sure you know where to find them quickly when an emergency occurs.

Caring for the sick, vulnerable and pets

If you, or someone in your family has a disability, make arrangements now for help in an emergency. Remember to include your pets in your disaster planning.

Storing water

Having a supply of water is essential and you need to store water for an emergency. You need three litres of drinking water for each person per day. You also need about one litre of water for each of the following:

Drinking water

To store enough drinking water for three days, prepare six large plastic soft drink bottles of water for each person, including children. Add some extra for pets.