Public Alerting Sirens

Sirens will be tested this Sunday 20 May 

Amberley Beach - 1pm
Leithfield Beach 2pm

No response is required from the public. 

Please direct any enquires to 03 314 8816

In the first instance these sirens will be triggered manually, though technology is available to allow them to be remotely triggered via radio or phone in the future. A core group of community leaders have been trained to activate the sirens when necessary.

While the public warning sirens are predominantly designed to notify the public of any tsunami threat they may also be used to alert the public to other potential emergencies.

The sirens are tested twice yearly.

The tests will occur on a Sunday, times and dates will be published closer to the time via letterbox drop, posters, facebook and this website. 

The testing sequence will be:

The test helps us confirm the sirens are in good working order and identify any issues in operation and coverage.

Hurunui Tsunami Brochure

Further Information

Further information can be found:

Ministry of Civil Defence website

National Tsunami Advisory and Warning Plan

Get Ready Get Thru - How to get ready for a Tsunami, make a household emergency plan, emergency survival items and evacuation information.