Lost your chimney in the September shake?

While we were lucky to escape relatively unscathed following the 7.1 earthquake that struck Canterbury in September 2010, there are a still a number of properties in our district that sustained damage.chimney

Between 300 and 400 claims have been lodged with the Earthquake Commission by Hurunui ratepayers, the majority of those relating to issues with chimneys.

You can choose to have your chimney repaired, BUT if the damage is significant enough, you can replace it with either a pellet or gas fire, or heat pump. This will depend on the value of your claim. The cost will be covered under your  claim to the Earthquake Commission (EQC). 

There were over 32,000 claims in total that included chimney damage so EQC and EECA (the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority) who are working together on this, are operating a priority list to make sure that those people most in need – for example households with occupants who are sick, elderly or young children, or houses with no other heating source – are done first.

Types of heaters available

There are four heating options available under the programme. What you can choose depends on the value of your claim.  Also, due to product and installer availability, some types of heaters will take longer to install than others, but the builder who comes to do the work in your house can talk you through your choices and timeframes. 

The four choices are:
4-Star AGA-rated flued gas space heaters
Approved solid fuel wood burners
Approved wood pellet burners
ENERGY STAR® qualified heat pumps

The process from here

If you have lodged a claim with EQC that includes chimney damage then your house should have been assessed by an EQC assessor. If it hasn’t, contact the EQC on 0800 DAMAGE.

If you qualify for the chimney replacement scheme, you will receive a call from the team to see if you want to take part and if you should be on the priority list.

If you haven’t heard and you think you should be on the priority list, e-mail chimney_info@eeca.govt.nz

You can find more details and information on the EECA website