Community and Social

Q. I am feeling stressed and overwhelmed, what should I do?

It’s normal and okay to feel stressed and overwhelmed after a natural disaster and it is important to keep communicating with family and friends. If you are overwhelmed and stressed please visit your GP in the first instance – all earthquake related appointments should be free of charge. Your GP can refer you to support services if needed. You can also call the Earthquake Support Line on 0800 777 486.

You can also find some helpful advice for Cantabrians on the All Right website here.

Q. I am worried about my neighbours, what should I do?

Pop over and check in with your neighbours – you could invite them to your place for dinner or a cuppa and chat. If you think they need extra support, let them know what is available to them.  You can tell them to contact us at the Council, or local support services, their Councillor or local MP.

Q. Are there things I can do to boost positive community spirit in my local area?

It’s important communities support each other and stay connected when recovering from events such as the earthquakes or droughts. You could start a group or join an already established group and think about arranging regular events and get togethers.  Neighbourhood Support New Zealand has some great ideas here.

If you want to fund an idea which would support your community you there are funds available to you. Check out the Rata Foundation and the Department of Internal Affairs Lottery Grant. You can always contact us at the Council for advice about how and where to find funding.

Q. I am worried about the impact of the earthquakes on my children, what can I do?

Earthquakes are frightening for everyone involved, and especially for children who may not understand what’s happened. Long after they are over, scary experiences like earthquakes can continue to affect children’s emotions, thoughts and behaviour.

You can find helpful tips and information for you and your family on the All Right’s website by clicking here