Items you should have in your Survival Kit

The new Get Ready Get Thru Hurunui Civil Defence booklet includes a list of survival items you may need to rely upon in the case of an emergency.

You will find images of all BUT ONE of those items here. Thanks to all those who entered our competition during July 2011 to guess the missing item. It was a CAN OPENER!    

Non perishable goods for babies and toddlers Bucket Candles and matches Pet food
Water bottle Dust masks First Aid kit Hand sanitiser
Portable  stove Radio Rubbish bag Non perishable food
Toilet paper Hygiene products Batteries Water

 The competition winner, Kandis Thompson-Wiklinson, receives the complete kit (including can opener) for their home or workplace.

Thanks to Arthur Burke and Four Square Amberley for supplying the items in the survival kit.