Annual Plan Progress

1 May 2019

Plan on a page

This year's Annual Plan differs little from the approved 2018-28 Long Term plan, which was consulted on last year. Consequently, this year's Annual Plan is presented in a single "Plan on a page" document. There are five versions, one for each of the existing wards, and they differ only in the detailed projects listed on the back page for each ward.

The following detailed documents are provided in support of the Annual Plan consultation process. At this stage, they are proposals only and may be amended prior to the final adoption of the Annual Plan by the Council.


 Forecast financial statements

 Rating information

2 April 2019

The fees and charges for the 2019/20 financial year have been reviewed. This has resulted in some new fees and some increases, as well as deleted fees.  You are welcome to comment on the proposed changes to our fees and charges, whether you support or oppose them.  You can email us on or drop a letter into the council or your nearest Hurunui district library.  

Proposed Fee and Charges for 2019-20