Bylaws under review

The following Bylaws are currently under review:

Freedom Camping Bylaw 2011 - this bylaw is currently being reviewed and a new proposed bylaw has been prepared. Click here for more information.

Wastewater Network Bylaw 2014 and Water Supply Bylaw 2014 - these bylaws are currently being reviewed. The opportunity is also being taken to introduce bylaws for the management of stormwater and land drainage, and trade waste. A new proposed Three Water Services Bylaw has been prepared. Click here for more information. 

Operative Bylaws

The following Bylaws have been made in accordance with the Local Government Act and other relevant legislation and control specific activities within the district:

Cemeteries Bylaw 2014

Dog Control Policy and Bylaw 2008

Fire Prevention Bylaw 2014

Freedom Camping Bylaw 2011

Freedom Camping Prohibited Individual Maps listed below:

Hanmer Springs and Gore Bay Liquor Ban Bylaw 2011

Keeping of Animals in Settlement Areas 2017

Livestock Movement Bylaw 2014

Northern Pegasus Bay Bylaw 2015

Public Places Bylaw 2014

Speed Limits Bylaw and Register of Speed Limits 2011

Speed Limits Maps

Wastewater Network Bylaw 2014

Water Supply Bylaw 2014