Delegations Manual

The manual below sets out the delegations made by the Hurunui District Council.  The manual is structured into the following parts:

  1. Delegations Policy – This part of the manual sets out the Council’s philosophy for making delegations and establishes the legal power for making delegations.  It then establishes the framework through which the delegations are made and structured.
  2. Governance Delegations – This section of the manual sets out delegations of governance powers made by Council to Committees.
  3. Statutory Delegations – This section sets out all of the relevant legislation that Council has responsibility for and the powers duties and responsibilities delegated under the relevant clauses of each statute and associated regulations and bylaws.
  4. Financial Delegations – This section of the register sets out the limits of financial delegations to Council sub-committees and Council officers.
  5. Management Delegations – This section of the manual sets out the delegations made by the Chief Executive Officer of the management powers to facilitate the effective and efficient operation of the Council administration.
  6. Contractor Delegations – This part of the delegations register sets out the delegations of powers and functions required by contractors to carry out their contracted services.
  7. Warrants – This final part of the register sets out the warrants of powers issued to individual officers of Council and employees of contractors.

The purpose of making delegations is to provide a legal structure for the efficient and effective operation of the Council.  The various sections of the Delegations Manual are complementary – they are to be read in conjunction with each other as each section provides different limits on the particular decisions that an individual may make.  Any decision or the exercise of any power or duty can only be made or undertaken if all of the tests of statutory and financial and management (or governance or contractor) delegations can be met.

Delegations Manual
Warrants Register - currently being updated (Jan 2018)