Inoperative Hurunui District Plan 2003

The Inoperative Hurunui District Plan 2003 can be accessed here. This version of the Plan has been superseded by the second generation Hurunui District Plan 2018. 

Plan Changes

The Inoperative Hurunui District Plan 2003 was made operative on 7th August 2003. During the lifetime of this Plan the Council processed nearly 30 changes to parts of the Plan. 

Details of all of the plan changes can be found here.

District Plan Framework 

The Inoperative Hurunui District Plan 2003 is divided into three main parts:

Management Strategy

This part of the Plan identifies important issues within the Hurunui District based on broad concepts such as:

Under the broader heading, issues are identified and objectives established to address those issues.  Policies are developed for each objective and more specific methods for achieving those policies are set down.

The first section of the Plan establishes a hierarchy of management tools on which the remainder of the District Plan is based.

Management Code

This section of the District Plan implements the objectives and policies set out in the Management Strategy. The Management Code is the rule section of the Plan and is divided into the following sections:

* The Assessment Criteria contained in the General Procedures assist planners in processing resource consents and should be considered when preparing consent applications. 

Planning Maps

The Planning Maps are contained in a separate volume to the text of the Plan.  The maps are divided into two sections for ease of use: