Plan Changes

Since the District Plan became opeartive in 2003 there have been a number of plan changes.  Plan changes allow for amendments to the Plan, and can be initatied by Council or privately.  Additional information about the plan change process can be found here.

A list of all plan changes can be found below, along with a brief summary of the changes. Additional information regarding the most recent plan changes (Plan Change 15 and onwards) can be found on the links below.

Plan Change 1 - Hanmer Design Changes

Introduced changes to the design rules for Hanmer Springs and the Hanmer Basin around permitted colours and cladding.  The change became operative on 8 April 2006.

Plan Change 2 - Visitor Accommodation

Involved amending the status of visitor accommodation in residential areas from a permitted to discretionary activity.  The change became operative on 8 April 2006.

Plan Change 3 - Maximum Height Rules

Reduced the maximum permitted heights for buildings in some areas of the District.  The change became operative on 8 April 2006.

Plan Change 4 - Assessment Criteria

Involved redrafting of the criteria for assessing resource consent applications, and a set of changes that standardised the manner in which the criteria are referred to throughout the Plan.  The change became operative on 8 April 2006.

Plan Change 5 - Screening of Rubbish Storage Areas on Commercial/Industrial Premises

Saw introduction of a new rule that requires commercial and industrial premises in urban areas to screen any empty cartons or boxes, rubbish, rubbish bins or goods stored outside for recycling from any public spaces.  The change became operative on 8 April 2006.

Plan Change 6 - Deer in the High Country

Involved removal of a rule that required consent for keeping and release of deer for commercial and recreational purposes in the high country.  This approach was taken as this is sufficiently regulated by the Department of Conservation.  The change became operative 8 April 2006.

Plan Change 7 - Quarrying and Mining

Involved amendments to allow for quarrying and mining within 500m of residential areas.  The Plan Change also resulted in amendments to the definition of quarrying.  The change became operative on 17 August 2009.

Plan Change 8 - Miscellaneous

Involved a series of separate and miscellaneous changes to the District Plan.  These included stylistic improvements, provision for accessory buildings, and identifying a minimum area for dwellings in urban areas.  The change became operative on 8 April 2006.

Plan Change 10 - Amberley Residential Rezoning

Was made to rezone approximately 6.6 ha of land on the outskirts of Amberley township from rural residential to residential.  The change became operative on 15 October 2007.

Plan Change 11 - Claverley Comprehensive Development Zone

Was made to recognise the existing coastal settlement at Claverley and to provide for a small expansion of it.  The change became operative on 11 October 2008.

Plan Change 12 - Miscellaneous Changes

Was publically notified on 3 December 2007.  The change included a number of amendments to rules, maps and definitions.  The change became operative 18 August 2008.

Plan Change 13 - Amberley

Was publically notified on 6 May 2008.  The provisions introduced new objectives, policies and rules, enlarged the Amberley Business zone and identified areas for potential future residential or industrial development. The change became operative on 18 January 2010.

Plan Change 14 - Hanmer Springs Residential Zone

Was publically notified 29 May 2008.  The provisions relate to extension of the Hanmer Springs Management Area in order to extend the Residential Management Area.  The change became operative on 17 August 2009.

Plan Change 15 - Buxton Valley Management Area

Publicly notified on 26 July 2008 and the change became operative on 20 September 2010. 

Plan Change 16 - Woodbank (River Edge) Zone

Publicly notified on 15 November 2008.  The appeal to this plan change has been settled by Environment Court Consent Order and the change became operative on 15 June 2010.  

Plan Change 18 - Frost Control Fans

Publicly notified on 6 December 2008 and the change became operative on 13 July 2011.  

Plan Change 21 - Residential 1 (Waipara) Zone

A private plan change request to rezone approximately 13.0366ha of General Management land at 274 Glenmark Drive, Waipara (approximately 800m north of the existing Waipara Township), to Residential zoning, creating the potential for an estimated 125-150 residential allotments.  The change became operative on 19 March 2014.

Plan Change 22 - Financial Contributions

Publicly notified on 14 April 2010.  The change became operative on 15 December 2010. 

Plan Change 23 - Urban Subdivision and Independent Senior Living Units

Publicly notified on 26 June 2010.  The provisions relate to Independent Senior Living Units became operative on 24 August 2011, and the provisions that relate to Urban Subdivision became operative on 16 December 2011, making this change fully operative. 

Plan Change 24 - St James Estate

Rezoned approximately 25.4ha of General Management land (on Hanmer Springs Road (SH7A), bordered by Argelins Road to the west). This provides for a mix of residential zoning ranging from 350m2 – 1000m2, and includes open space areas, with future development guided by an ‘Outline Development Plan’.  The change became operative on 11 May 2011. 

Plan Change 25 - Amberley Business and Industrial Zones

Introduces a new Business 1 (town centre) zone at Amberley with associated policies and rules and rezones land at Grays Road to Industrial Zone.  The change became operative on 15 December 2010.

Plan Change 26 - Conway Hills Station Significant Natural Areas Review

Redefines SNAs 46 (Okarahia Stream bush), 47 (Peaked Hill bush), and 48 (Conway Hills bush) at Conway Hills Station, Cheviot.  The change became operative on 10 June 2011.

Plan Change 27 - Minor Dwelling Units

Introduces specific provisions for minor dwelling units (MDUs) allowing for their establishment as a permitted activity, subject to meeting requirements relating to siting, size, and relationship to the main dwelling on a site.  The change became operative on 7 September 2011.

Plan Change 28 - Hanmer Springs Multiple Unit Dwellings

Introduces new provisions for multiple unit dwellings within the Business Zone at Hanmer Springs as a Discretionary Activity, subject to standards and terms; extends the Business Zone Boundary to incorporate land with existing business activities; and increases the maximum building height to 10 metres across the Business Zone at Hanmer Springs, but retains the 7.5 metre height limit for sites that share a boundary with a site zoned residential or open space.  The change became operative on 10 May 2012.

Plan Change 29 - Mendip Hills Significant Natural Area Review

Redefines Significant Natural Area 51 (Black hills) at Mendip Hills, Parnassus and is effective immediately under s86B(3)(b) of the Resource Management Act 1991.  The plan change became operative 8 March 2012.

Plan Change 30 - Rezoning of Queen Mary Hospital Heritage Reserve

Rezones the Queen Mary Hospital Historic Reserve from ‘Business’ to ‘Queen Mary Hospital Heritage zone’.  This is a new zone in the District Plan, which recognises the site’s unique qualities and need for a specific planning framework.  The plan change proposes a new policy, and performance standards to enable the use of the site for a wide range of business or community purposes, without compromising its heritage and open space values.  In particular, the plan change recognises that the heritage values of the site are likely to be maintained, and even further enhanced, if the buildings are able to be adaptively re-used.  The change became operative on 4 May 2013.

Plan Change 31 - Hanmer Springs Carparking

Introduces on-site car parking standards specific to Hanmer Springs. It does so by inserting new requirements in the Hanmer Springs urban area for some types of activities. The plan change also provides for the district-wide car parking requirements to be updated to reflect current New Zealand Standards and the New Zealand Building Code.  The change became operative on 10 May 2012.

Plan Change 32 - Rural Subdivision and Hanmer Basin - Woodbank Road

Introduces changes to the subdivision standards for the General Management Area. These include lowering the minimum subdivision allotment area from 5ha to 4ha and allowing a sub-4ha lot to be subdivided as a one-off option, provided the balance of the land needed to make up the 4ha average is maintained. This balance area of land would be contained in the balance lot and legally protected in order to maintain rural density.  The change became operative on 12 June 2012.

Plan Change 33 - Double Corner Rural Residential Zone

Was a private plan change request to rezone a 16 hectare site at 226 Double Corner Road, Amberley.  The plan change request was withdrawn by the applicant on 17 January 2014.

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