Operative District Plan


Management strategy

Introduction to the management strategy

Part I – Significant resource management issues for the Hurunui District

The use of non-renewable resources

Safeguarding ecosystems

 The use of renewable resources – water

Maori resource management values

Protection of resources with significant value

Access to resources

Protection & enhancement of environmental quality

Efficient resource use

Hazards mitigation

Part II – Environments of special concern

Introduction to environments of special concern

Issue 16 – Urban areas

Issue 17 – The coastal environment

Issue 18 – Hurunui Lakes area

Issue 19 – Hanmer Basin

Issue 20 – Mount Lyford

Issue 21 – Amberley

Issue 22 – Buxton Valley

Part III – Summary of non-regulatory methods


Management code

Introduction to the management code

Section A – District-wide rules

A1 – Environmental amenity

A2 – Landscape

A3 – Subdivision

A4 – Esplanade reserves and strips

A5 – Transportation

A6 – Utilities

A7 – Natural environment

A8 – Heritage

A9 – Natural hazards

A10 – Hazardous substances and waste management

Section B – Environments of special concern

B1 – Urban areas

B2 – Coastal environment

B3 – Hurunui Lakes area

B4 – Hanmer Basin

B5 – Mount Lyford

B6 – Buxton Valley

Section C – General procedures

C1 – Resource consent procedures

C2 – Financial contributions

C3 – Designations

C4 – Processes to address cross-boundary issues

C5 –Development plans and assessment matters for coastal settlements

Section D – Interpretation

D – Interpretation

Section E – Appendices

E1 – Schedule of priority resources for access and marginal protection

E2 – Criteria for identifying ecologically significant natural values

E3 – Schedule of primary industries

E4 – Waipara wine growing area

E5 – Background to purpose & preparation of the Hurunui District Plan

E6 – Terms from the Resource Management Act

Section F – Planning maps

Statutory acknowledgements

Legend for general planning maps

Index for general planning maps

Legend for urban planning maps

Index for urban planning maps

Street index