Forms A-Z




Alcohol Licensing

For Alcohol Licence applications

On Licence or Renewal of On Licence
Off Licence or Renewal of Off Licence
Manager's Certificate
Renewal of Manager's Certificate
Special Licence
Club Licence or Renewal of Club Licence

Other forms which may be required for alcohol licensing

Notice of Management Change Form
Temporary Authority Application Form
Planning Certificate Application form
Certificate of Compliance Application Form


Building consent application form - all new buildings or alterations
Building consent application form - woodburner or liquid fuel heater
Building consent application form - temporary buildings
Planning check or Project Information Memorandum declaration 
Check sheet - Building consent and/or Project Information Memorandum
Check sheet - Wood burner consent
Certificate of acceptance (dwelling alterations etc)
Certificate of acceptance (wood burners)
Code compliance certificate
Public use certificate
Installer's Installation Certificate for a Solid/Liquid Fuel Heater
Agent Nomination Form

Dog Control

Dog Registration

Food & Environmental Health Licensing

Hairdressers, Camping Grounds & Offensive Trades
Transfer of Registration

Amusement Device
Mobile or Travelling Shop


LIM on-line


Rates EasyPay
Change of Address
Receive Rates Invoices by Email
Remission of Penalties application form 


Resource Consents

Land Use Consent
Subdivision Consent
Change or cancel a resource consent condition
Affected Party Consent
Boundary activities
Marginal or temporary activities


Application to Occupy Road Reserve
Application for Licence to Occupy Unformed Legal Road 
Application to Stop Road 
Directional Sign in Hanmer Springs
Traffic Management Plan - TMP Full form 
Traffic Management Plan - TMP Short form

Swimming Pools

Special Exemption


Rural Water Connections

Amuri Plains Rural Water
Balmoral Rural Water
All other Rural Water Schemes

Urban Services

Township Water 20mm
Township Water 50mm
Township Sewerage
Township Water Modelling for sub-division
Consent to Draw Water