Governance policies

Finance policies

Appointment and remuneration of directors policy Deferment of Rates for Drought Affected Ratepayers
Backflow Prevention Policy Development contributions policy
CCTV Policy  
Code of conduct policy External liability Management policy
Dangerous, insanitary and affected buildings policy Internal financing policy

Dog control policy

Investment policy
  Protected disclosures policy

Complaints, Compliance & Enforcement

Easter Sunday Shop Trading Policy

Revenue and financing policy
Forestry policy Rates paid by council policy
Gambling policy Rates penalties policy
Hanmer Springs – directional sign policy  Rates postponement policy
Hanmer Springs Pools – ratepayer concession policy 

Rates remission policy

Library policy

Rates remission policy on land affected by earthquakes for the 2017/18 rating year

Leasing Council property policy Reapportionment of developer outlays policy
Local Alcohol Policy Regulatory services refund policy
Maori contribution to local decision making policy Treasury risk management policy
Operation of drones over Council reserve land  
Our Place, Our People Policy
   - Hurunui - Arts Grants
   - Hurunui - Heritage Grants
   - Hurunui - Environment Grants
   - Hurunui - Education Awards
   - Hurunui - Service Recognition
   - Hurunui - Culture and Citizenship
Playgrounds policy  

Procurement policy

Public Toilet Policy

Reserves funding policy  
Road seal extensions policy  
Rural and urban addressing policy  
Rural and urban addressing policy - addendum  
Sale of property policy  
Significance and engagement policy  
Social housing policy
Sugar Sweetened Beverages  
Tree Management Policy  

Unformed Legal Roads Policy

Vehicle purchasing policy