A Word from the Mayor

29 May 2019

Pic of Winton

Recently I’ve attended numerous meetings, Local and Regional, every agenda and discussion has been dominated by environmental issues including, water, wetlands, native biodiversity, natural hazards, and the current biggie, ‘Climate Change’.

In all those meetings there was little disagreement about the issues, or the outcomes we all want, there’s a huge appetite to address the issues, but varying views about the how, and the when.

At the regional Transport meeting I urged the committee to lobby Government to address the massive transport carbon footprint by promoting more efficient mode choices.   The environmental and Carbon footprint of our current Transport system is huge.

Societies around the globe are displaying a range of reactions as they grapple with the fears, uncertainty, complexity, and confusion around climate change.

We are seeing the concerns of our Youth displayed in demonstrations and marches, some Authorities are responding to their communities concerns by declaring a Climate Disaster.

It’s arguable that these activities in themselves will change anything, irrespective, real action is needed, much already occurring.

The truth is, change must start with the individual, we need to understand and agree to share the pain of change to an unsustainable lifestyle that we are addicted to.

We are all in danger of gross hypocrisy and dishonesty as we daily, clad in environment polluting synthetic clothing, mindlessly drive around in our gas guzzling chariots, delivering children to schools, drive to sports and cultural activities, and to our work places that are also big carbon contributors.

We jet- set around the world burning billions of litres of jet fuel, spewing deadly emissions into our beautiful skies.

We accuse others of destroying our planet with our bellies bulging full of food and beverages grown on irrigated land which was once native vegetation or wetland, and we further encroach on that precious food producing land with Urban and Industrial sprawl.

We condemn the environmental destruction of others from our comfortable homes, built in beautiful localities that were once wetlands, and on land claimed from native forest.

We need to be more honest, accept our personal contribution to the carbon issue, and work collaboratively to accomplish fair reduction solutions.


Winton Dalley