Council Contracts Awarded and Operational

Delta mowingAfter consultation with the districts ward committees, the council’s contracts for waste, public toilets, mowing and sexton services have been awarded.

The new contracts for these essential services commenced in late February and are expected to improve upon the council’s already well maintained assets and bring better value to the rate payer.

The Hurunui District Council has a strong desire to see local people employed through its work and previous contractors have mostly employed locals to carry out these services. This aspect of ‘local content’ was a criteria for the new contracts, which has resulted in a lot of locals being employed by the new contractors.

The new contracts are as follows:

Mowing: Delta Mowing (with new specifications and more mowing areas) 
Public Toilets: Professional Property Cleaning Services
Waste: Waste Control NZ Ltd. (transfer stations, kerbside collection and added littler bin service) 
Sexton Services: Sicon Ltd. (Cemetery maintenance and burials)

‘Manager of Infrastructure Services – Delivery’ at the council, Dan Harris, has said the new services have been fine-tuned and well received, he also thanked the previous contractors who he said worked to a high standard.

“Working with our communities over the past year, we’ve been fine tuning our requirements for delivery of these services. Although it’s early days, we’ve already received compliments about the workmanship of the new contractors” he said. “Congratulations to those that have been awarded the contracts and thanks to those who tendered but missed out. Finally, a note of thanks to the outgoing contractors, your work has been to a high standard and has given us a great platform in which to improve”.