Crash Bash Comes to the Hurunui

Crash BashThe Hurunui Road Safety Committee organized a show exploring the risks of driving to be delivered to Hurunui College students yesterday.

‘Crash Bash – Reaction’ was an interactive 25 minute show that aimed to teach young drivers how to make safe choices on the road. It was held at the college during period two yesterday morning.

The Crash Bash cast consisted of two Court Theatre actors, Monique and Fergus, and Sergeant Brent Crosgrove from NZ Police.

The 25 minute performance included a Kahoot quiz as an interactive and surprising element. The ‘Kahoot’ was a fast paced quiz that the students did on their cell phones.

There was a robust question and answer session after the performance and an estimated 50 students in attendance.

Krystal Jennings, Youth Council Facilitator and Road Safety Coordinator at the council, said the Crash Bash show spread an important message and that she hopes to spread it further through the district.

“The crew delivered a well thought out and relevant road safety message for young people to consider. Every action has a reaction, and often a consequence” she said. “I hope to be able to rotate it around the district area schools each year, and deliver it to Amuri and Cheviot area schools”.

Abigail Merry, a Year 12 Prefect at Hurunui College, said she appreciated the show and would have enjoyed an extended version.

“I really enjoyed Crash Bash” she said. “It was fun and creative, and I especially liked the interactive side of it. Just wish it was longer!”

Skyla Barnett, a member of the Hurunui Youth Council and Year 13 student at Hurunui College, also said it was a good performance and singled out the interactive elements.

“I thought it was really good, it was never boring” she said. “I really enjoyed the Kahoot, it got everyone involved and made the presentation fun. Wished it was a little longer”.

For further information:            

Krystal Jennings
Youth Council Facilitator / Road Safety Coordinator
027 808 6469