Dock Creek Clean Up Forges Ahead

Dock Creek has had a major makeover with the council’s clean-up of the waterway progressing into its fourth week, and the benefits of the work are already being seen.

In the absence of machinery which is unable to be used due to limited access, the council’s drain maintenance team has been putting in the hard yards to clear the creek of any impediments.

Drainage Photo

Infrastructure Delivery Manager Dan Harris says the work in Dock Creek has already greatly improved the water flow, which will have a positive influence on its capacity to deal with major rain events.

“Dock Creek is an important waterway that many of our residents recognise and value, but through this work we’ve found some people have been using it as a dumping ground.”  

“So far the team has already pulled 109 cubic metres of waste and vegetation from the creek and is discovering all sorts of foreign objects, from tyres through to unwanted containers.”

“This important work will ensure we do our utmost to prevent future flooding.  I encourage residents to look after the creek and ensure the flow of water is unobstructed going forward,” says Harris.

Dock Creek Side By Side

While the clean-up has taken place, the creek gate has been opened to prevent the flow of water for the safety of the maintenance team and to prevent what is extracted from the creek being washed into rivers and ultimately, out to sea.

The worst sections have now been cleared and the gate will soon be closed to enable water to flow through the creek again.