First Meeting a Chairing Success for Hurunui Youth Council

HYC First Meeting Snap 2The Hurunui Youth Council had their first meeting of the year this week and what a meeting it was! At the meeting, HYC elected their Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson and discussed key projects for the start of 2019.

The youth council identified two significant projects for the first part of the year and showed great commitment to them. The first was creating a youth action plan off the back of the 2018 youth strategy. The second was an environmental guardianship project driven by Hurunui youth.

The official meeting was a first for new members Noah Wilson, Skyla Barnett, Sophie Summerfield, Roddy Murchison and Luke Roberts.

Newly elected Chairperson, Georgia McCabe, who is in year 13 at Amuri College, has expressed her excitement for the new role and the youth council’s coming year.

“I feel extremely privileged to be elected as chairperson this year and I can’t wait to work alongside Bradley, as well as the rest of the youth council, to really leave our mark as change makers in the community” she said. “I’m extremely excited about working alongside the road safety committee on exciting projects and working closely to build relationships with potential sponsors and charities to hopefully secure more funding for future years.”

The newly elected Deputy Chairperson, Bradley White, also expressed his excitement for the coming year and the youth council’s potential. Bradly is in year 12 at Hurunui college.

 “Being elected feels amazing, especially working alongside a great Chairperson - and I know she will be a great one” he said. “I’m most excited about an upcoming environmental project and what we can achieve there” he said. “Also the full potential HYC has as a team in 2019. We have a strong bond and I feel we can get a lot of things ticked off our to-do list.”

Mayor Winton Dalley has reiterated how much the youth council brings to the district and how their capability and enthusiasm reflects on the youth of the Hurunui.

“The youth council adds so much to the Hurunui and its members are a credit to our district. Their voices play an important and practical role in our democratic process” he said. “2019 is shaping up to be a busy year for the youth council and we are fortunate to have such capable youth bringing their enthusiasm to the table.”

For further information:

Krystal Jennings
Hurunui Youth Council and Road Safety Coordinator
027 808 6469