Hurunui Gets New Representation Model

The Hurunui District’s Representation Review has concluded today at an extraordinary meeting, where councillors adopted a new representation model as a result of an extensive consultation process.

Part of local government criteria is to have an equal distribution of population between the councillors in each ward to ensure all residents have the same opportunity for representation.  The Hurunui’s current ward model no longer fits this criteria so the council has had to make changes.

Public feedback has been encouraged in two separate consultation phases.  Four proposed alternatives to the current ward and councillor structure, and options regarding community boards, were put out for public comment earlier this year.

The feedback received enabled the council to firm up one final proposal and further consultation on this was undertaken throughout June and early July.  The council then made its final decision after considering all submissions.

Mayor Winton Dalley says the feedback received from the community has been helpful and substantially supported the council’s proposal.

“I am satisfied that the community has had the opportunity to have their voices heard and influence the final model.”

“I believe we have found the right balance between meeting the legislative criteria and the community’s need for effective representation.”

The new ward and councillor model will be implemented from the next local government elections in October 2019 onwards.

The new model will see the introduction of the following:

Map Option 2