Hurunui Punches Above its Weight; Again.

The work to reopen the Leslie Hills Bridge following a collapsed support pier back in September 2013, has been extensively showcased on the Australasian stage.

NZ Bridges Awards

This latest award nomination is the biggie in the industry: New Zealand Bridges Awards - Excellence in Asset Management & Maintenance – Best practice and innovation. It is considered to be one of the toughest categories, with six finalists that included major asset management works on the Auckland Harbour Bridge and a significant Kiwirail earthquake recovery project.

And we won!

The award comes on top of the gold prize award at the 2017 IPWEA NZ Excellence Awards (Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia), and sponsorship of council engineering assets manager, David Edge, to attend the Bridge Asset Management & Renewal Conference earlier this year.

Mr Edge said that the project’s success was as a result of some really great teamwork by many parties, and the acknowledgements received have been really humbling.