Lifesaving Gear Arrives in the Hurunui

Lyford 1The Hurunui is getting brand new, outdoor defibrillators to assist some of our most remote communities.

The New Zealand Red Cross have provided four automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to our district and, in doing so, brought an additional safety net to some of our most isolated areas.

These AEDs came about after our Emergency Management Officer put in a request to the New Zealand Red Cross for an outdoor AED in Mount Lyford. The NZ Red Cross assessed the request in reference to their November 2016 Earthquake Recovery Programme. They then offered four new AEDs to the Hurunui, as part of the recovery programme, adding to our future resilience and preparedness.

Two of the four AEDs have already been installed, one in Mt Lyford, on the outside of the Mt Lyford Lodge, and the other in Scargill/Motunau Reserve, on the side of the squash courts. The remaining two are to be installed on the Conway Hall and at the Boyle River Department of Conservation Camping Ground.

Dean Eades, our Emergency Management Officer, explained perfectly how we are all feeling in light of the news AEDs. "We are over the moon that Red Cross have provided our more isolated communities with this lifesaving equipment” he said. “The new defibs [defibrillators] add to the resilience of our communities"

Karyn Jans, Part Owner/Operator of Mt Lyford Lodge, explained how the new outdoor unit [accessible at all hours] is great for the community. "For us it’s a lifesaving piece of equipment that is needed and is now accessible to the whole area.”

Michael Donoghue, Recovery Manager with New Zealand Red Cross, said: “The evidence is clear – these devices can save lives in an emergency when each minute is critical.  We would like to remind anyone who is living, working or travelling in rural communities to take a moment to find out where the nearest AED is located.

“We are delighted to provide these four additional units into the Hurunui district. This has only been possible with the help of our amazing donors, who support New Zealand Red Cross. Each device has an expected lifespan of about 8 years, which will also include refreshing batteries and pads when needed. If you are keen to sponsor a new AED for your community please get in touch.”

For further information:

Dean Eades
Emergency Management Officer
Hurunui District Council
027 586 1733

To talk to the Red Cross about AED Sponsorship:

Mary Baines
Senior Communications Advisor
New Zealand Red Cross
+64 27 262 3922