Council Employee Celebrates 25 Year Milestone

The council’s Rates Officer Denise Sutherland has this week celebrated an outstanding 25 years of service with the organisation.

Council Support Services Manager Jason Beck says it is a significant achievement to work for the same organisation for 25 years particularly through so much change.

“Denise started out with the council in August 1993 on a temporary contract which was continually extended, until a permanent position came up and she was appointed to our team as Rates Officer.” 

“Apart from an eight year stint in the building department Denise has always been involved with rates, producing the district’s rating information and liaising with our residents on a daily basis regarding their rates.”   

“Denise has worked under four different mayors, four CEO’s, and numerous managers and has seen some significant changes in local government over her tenure.”

“The biggest change has been in staff numbers, as when Denise started out at the council we had a workforce of 20 which has grown over time to now be well over one hundred to meet the demands of growth that our district has seen.” 

“Denise now has the honour of being the council’s current longest serving staff member.  I would like to congratulate and thank Denise for her lengthy service and unwavering dedication to the council."

Denise 25 Years