Hurunui Teens #Activate & Connect

HYC group shot

Members of the Hurunui Youth Council have recently returned from a forward thinking camp for youth action groups.

‘#Activate: South Island Youth Connect’ was a two day camp where our youth participated in trainings, workshops, team bonding, and sessions with inspirational speakers - all designed to help them gain skills and channel their passions.

While the programme was exceptional, the camp had a dual purpose and fostering connections between peers was also an important goal. It is understood that our proactive youth have a lot to learn from one another, as well as the industry professionals.

Luke Roberts, Year 13 student at Amuri Area School and Hurunui Youth Councillor, explained that connecting with his peers from other youth action groups was a highlight of the trip. “I really enjoyed meeting so many outgoing people” he said “and jumping off the wharf at 7am of course”.

Georgia McCabe, Year 13 student at Amuri Area School and Chair of the Hurunui Youth Council, said that as Youth Council Chair, she really valued the networking opportunity. “It was just such a good opportunity to meet new people and make connections with the other youth councils” she said “It was important to me as chair of the Hurunui Youth Council”.

The programme for the camp was as follows:

Krystal Jennings, Hurunui Youth Council Coordinator said she was very pleased with the young leaders participation at the camp.

“Three councillors from the Hurunui Youth Council and two members of the Hurunui Youth Programme attended #Activate 2019 and they got fully immersed in the camp programme.” she said. “It was awesome to see our young leaders taking opportunities, gaining new knowledge, learning from others and intending to bring that back to better our community”.

“I was really proud of our youth leaders. I’m proud of them and of their contributions to the Hurunui.”

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Krystal Jennings
Hurunui Youth Council & Road Safety Coordinator
027 808 6469