Quizzes and Cake Announced with Annual Plan

We are hosting evenings of quizzing, coffee and cake, where residents can pose questions to council staff and elected members or just enjoy a good bit of fun.

These events are about hosting a good bit of fun and bringing people together. There will be council staff, councillors and the mayor present, should anyone wish to ask questions about the annual plan at the end of the events.

While the annual plan comes around every year, we always want to make sure our residents know what’s in it and can come talk to us if they wish. In line with this, there will be two quizzes and one evening of coffee and cake this May.

The coffee and dessert evening looks set to boast catered desserts and machine coffee, while the quiz nights will have supper, prizes and activities for children so the whole family can play.

Although most of this year’s Annual Plan aligns with the Long Term Plan 2018/28, we have made some adjustments for 2019/20 with the main variations being:

Hamish Dobbie, Chief Executive Officer here at the council, has further outlined the annual plan. “We have been working toward several major projects for a number of years, for example, drinking water compliance and earthquake building strengthening” he said. “We have planned a 6% increase to the General Rate in 2019/20 and forecast a $39 million debt balance by the end of 2020, in line with the Long Term Plan”.

To register for a quiz:

03 3148816

For more information:

Audrey van der Monde
Manager Public Services
027 528 3739 

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