Racecourse Road Tyre Pile Update

Environment Canterbury and Hurunui District Council are actively working alongside each other to resolve the pile of tyres on Racecourse Road as quickly as possible.

The focus of efforts to date has been to have the parties responsible for the stockpile remove it at their cost.

Two companies were under court order to have the tyres removed by 31 December 2018. While they are continuing to remove the tyres, they failed to meet this deadline.

The Manager of Regulatory Services from the Hurunui District Council, Judith Batchelor, said both councils are understanding of the unease surrounding this issue and working hard towards an acceptable outcome.

“We sympathise with the community’s concerns at the risks posed by the tyre pile. The Councils are working through what further steps we can take to have this addressed, including looking at further legal action” she said. “We are investigating all options to have the stockpile removed as fast as possible, and we are working to address the scale and cost of their removal”.

The District Councillors have had regular updates on progress and are pushing hard to have the issue resolved as soon as possible.

Security measures remain in place at the site which is being maintained by the landowner.