‘Rebuild Hurunui’ to provide One-Stop Shop for Residents

The Hurunui District Council will hold a Rebuild Hurunui evening on Wednesday 18 October at the Waiau Hall for residents in the district who require the rebuild or repair of their properties as a result of the November 2016 earthquake.  The evening will provide the opportunity for residents to speak directly with experts on a variety of aspects of the building process.

The council has identified the need within the district for communities to be able to investigate and seek advice from service providers to assist them in the recovery process.  The evening will take the form of an open forum for inquiry and discussions, with stations set up and ready to provide information from 6pm.

Hurunui District Council’s Earthquake Recovery Project Co-ordinator, Emma Duncan, says the event will be a one-stop shop for affected residents to get expert advice from a range of businesses involved in rebuild works.

“Having this number of exhibitors in one place is quite a coup and is sure to help progress the recovery of our district.  The evening will be an incredibly valuable event where property owners can receive expert advice for free on a range of repair and rebuild topics.”

With 79 yellow and 57 red stickered properties in the district, it is apparent that residents will require a range of services to complete property repairs or rebuilds and the Rebuild Hurunui event will go some way to progressing these.  The event will also provide a great opportunity for local businesses to promote their services to the wider district.

Mayor Winton Dalley says the event is a fantastic opportunity for residents affected by the earthquake to speak to as many experts as possible in one place, and the possible outcomes of this may become extremely valuable for the district.

“This opportunity builds on the series of information events that were initiated from the early days after the earthquake to ensure our community received all the assistance that we are able to provide.”

Rebuild Hurunui is funded by the Lottery Grants Board through the Earthquake Recovery Fund and is run by the council’s Earthquake Recovery Team.