‘Safe Route to School’ Supports Amberley

Safe to SchoolA new ‘Safe Route to School’ identifying safe crossing points across both State Highway 1 and smaller roads has been created for the benefit of Amberley locals and children.

The joint project involving Amberley School, the Hurunui Road Safety Committee and the Hurunui District Council was launched and promoted to school children this morning.

Amberley School Principal Simon Green said Amberley students face many hazards during the walk, bike or scoot to school. He said the school is tremendously grateful for the council’s support and explained that having a clearly signposted route will ensure the flow of students to and from school was safely managed.

“We have carefully researched the patterns of our students as they make their way to school to design the safest path possible.  The safe pathway will be supported by in-school processes where children are taught safe and correct procedures for crossing roads” he said.

The pathway system includes the use of ‘Safe Route to School’ crossing point signs, kerb extensions, median islands, ‘pedestrians give way’ instructions and scooter symbol stencils on the pavement. 

Hurunui Road Safety Coordinator Krystal Jennings explained the crossing point signs are bright, sturdy and easy for students as young as five to identify as a safe place to cross.

“We want to encourage safe active travel, as we know walking to and from school creates opportunities for students to develop important life skills like road safety, risk awareness, independence and decision making” she said.

Having clear, visible signage is intended to benefit everyone in the community, whether child, pedestrian or driver.

Local Councillor and Chair of the Road Safety committee, Julia McLean, said the committee is interested in learning about similar challenges for other schools in the district.

“The Road Safety Committee welcomes the opportunity to speak directly with other school community’s in the district that hold similar concerns for their children getting to and from school” she said.

The Manager Infrastructure Services – Assets, David Edge, passed on the council’s sentiment on the improvement for child safety in Amberley.

“Our Road Asset Engineer, Lomiga Vaaelua, has been fundamental in orchestrating this initiative and we are chuffed to have it up and running. This piggy-backs off the school walking buses started some years back. ” he said.


For further information: 

Krystal Jennings
Hurunui Youth Council and Road Safety Coordinator
027 808 6469