Summer Pool Parties Make a Real Splash

50469259 1966745023444315 3979910060196233216 oThe council’s pool parties are wrapping up this weekend after a very successful few months of splashing all around the district. The opening of the new Waiau pool will be the last in this summer’s series of community pool events. 

The community team from the Hurunui District Council made a huge effort to visit as many local pools as possible over the summer, bringing free afternoons of barbeque food, treats, fruit, music and games with them.

The pool parties made an appearance in Rotherham, Hawarden, Cheviot, Culverden, Waipara, Leithfield, and Amberley this summer and will hit Waiau for ‘the big hoorah’ this weekend. 

By far the busiest pool party was Amberley with over 100 people estimated to have attended. But, no matter the size, smiling faces were seen at every pool party in the district.

Rochelle Faimalo, Community Team Leader at the council, said the pool parties were a great success, well attended and a whole heap of fun.

“These pool parties have been a great way for us to connect with local communities and bring people of every age together” she said. “The weather turn out for every party and we all had an amazing time.”

Emma Duncan, Chair of the Waiau Pool Committee, said this weekend’s party is sure to be a memorable event.

“The new Waiau pool opening this weekend is an absolutely huge achievement. Many volunteers have worked tirelessly for two years to make this post-quake pool happen” she said. “We are super excited to have the community team there tomorrow for a pool party I’m sure we all will remember”.


For further information:                         

Rochelle Faimalo
Community Team Leader
Hurunui District Council
027 427 1087


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