World Wide Knitting Event Hits Hurunui


Saturday the 8th of June is World Wide Knit in Public Day and we are issuing an open invitation!

Our Hurunui Libraries are enrolling us in this year’s public knitting day and we are darn excited!

Everyone is invited, including inexperienced knitters. We expect no shortage of guidance on the day, so don’t expect to get stuck swatching.

We are sure new and accomplished knitters alike will hear many purls of wisdom, have a ball of a time and possibly make some close-knit friends.  

Don’t procrastiknit, come share a good yarn! Needless to say, you wooldn’t want to miss this one!

So what’s the stich? Info on where to get knitting on the day below:

Mark O’Connell, District Librarian for the Hurunui, has highlighted the value in the event. “Knitting is often a solitary pastime” he said. “This event will be great chance to get together with others who share the knitting passion – or to just come along and be inspired”

For further information:

Mark O’Connell
District Librarian
027 808 8036