Proposed Plan Change 1 to the District Plan

The Council proposes Plan Change 1 to the Hurunui District Plan.

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The District Plan requires some tweaking and tidying to:

The purpose of these amendments is to improve the overall workability, consistency and clarity of the District Plan.

No amendment proposed is considered to be more restrictive than the same rule was under the previous version of the District Plan.

Council decision

At the 29 November 2018 meeting of the Council, the Council considered and accepted the submissions received. The Council approved the amendments in proposed Plan Change 1. These are detailed in the consultation document below.

The decision will be advertised in the 6 December 2018 edition of the North Canterbury News.

This will commence a 30 working day appeal period where anyone who made a submission is able to appeal the decision on matters discussed in their submission.

If no appeals are received, proposed Plan Change 1 will become completely operative on 21 February 2018. Note that any amendment not subject to appeal will be treated as operative from 6 December 2018.

Consultation document

Proposed Plan Change 1 and section 32 report

Submissions closed at 5pm on Monday 1 October 2018.

A summary of the decisions requested is available here.

A copy of the submissions received are available here.

For further information please contact Nicola Kirby on 03 314 0058 or