Hanmer Springs Temporary Boil Water notice

22 November 2017 

Due to the detection of a low-level contaminant being found in recent water samples for the Hanmer Springs Water Scheme, Hurunui District Council has issued this precautionary temporary boil water notice.

With immediate effect all drinking water, including water used for oral hygiene and food preparation should be boiled for at least 1 minute before consumption.

The Ministry of Health is aware of this situation.

If you would like to supply us with your phone numbers (including cell phones) and email address, we can advise you by sending this directly to you.  In some cases we don’t have any information on our database and have to send out notices to you by mail, which will delay this important information to you.

If you have neighbours, or tenants in your property please let them know the contents of this notice.

Enquiries can be made to: Hurunui District Council Phone: 03 314 8816

If you wish to advise us of your current contact details, please email to utilities@hurunui.govt.nz


Water needs to be boiled for drinking, teeth cleansing and raw food preparation.

Boiling your Water

Water needs to be boiled for one minute.  If your jug has automatic cut off, let the water stand for 2-3 minutes after it has boiled.

Cooking food

Food mixed with water is ok if the food is boiled for 1 minute or baked above 100 degrees Celsius.

Washing dishes-dishwasher

Dishes can be washed in the dishwasher on the hottest wash and air-dried.

Do not stack dishes wet, wait until completely dry.

Washing dishes by hand

Wash the dishes, rinse under the hottest water and let them air-dry completely. 

Washing Hands

Make sure hands are washed thoroughly and dried completely on single-use towels or by air-dry.

Water Filters

Filters cannot be relied upon. All filters should be checked and serviced before using.


Ice will need to be made from boiled water.

Coffee Machines and Post Mix Machines (drink dispensing machines)

This boil water notice relates to espresso machines, which are plumbed into the Council Water supply.  Most of these coffee machines only heat water to 80-85°C, which is not sufficiently hot to kill illness-causing bugs like giardia and cryptosporidium.  These machines need to be turned off or hooked up to a supply of pre-boiled water.

A range of other machines which are plumbed into the Council Water Supply are also affected by boil water notice, including slush-ice makers, ice machines, post mix guns, self-service soft drink machines and some water coolers.

Other hot drink machines that are not connected directly to the water supply are required to be filled with boiled water.

Any of the above types of machines should not be used until the boil water notice has been lifted or the water they are using has been boiled.

Distilled water or water distillers can be used safely. 

Important Information

Children should be encouraged to take boiled water to school.

We apologise for the inconvenience