New Tools in our Road Safety Toolbox

Mobile SignageOur new mobile electronic signage board has hit the streets, and a second (fixed) electronic speed sign is about to go up at the southern end of Amberley.

The new mobile signage was jointly funded by NZTA and us, and is multi-functional.  Not only can it be used for giving motorists immediate feedback on their current speed, but it can also be used for displaying important messaging such as delays, detours and cautions due to conditions. And, it is not just for road safety either, it can also be used for other council messaging such as reminders to register dogs or advisories about water restrictions.

Hurunui Road Safety Coordinator, Krystal Jennings says that the mobile signage will be moved around the district primarily targeting known speed hotspots in an effort to change driver behaviour and reduce the risk of accidents.

“The device also collects data which will be reported back to the Road Safety Committee, which includes the New Zealand Police, and this will help prioritise areas for future interventions.”

Many of the hotspots have been identified by the Hurunui Youth Programme over recent years where they have spent many of volunteer hours manually collecting data.

The Lions Club of Amberley has donated the lion’s share of funding towards a new fixed speed camera for the southern end of Amberley.

Mrs Jennings said that this funding was necessary to get the project over the line in what was a really important tool in the battle against speed related harm.

“The fixed camera at the northern end of the town has noticeably affected driver behaviour and made the road through the township much safer for pedestrians as well as other road users. We believe that having a camera at the southern end will be equally as beneficial, and we are very grateful to the Amberley Lions and the NZTA for their financial contributions to help us achieve this.”