Road Stopping - Part Leamington Road, Hanmer Springs

Public Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Section 319(h) and 342(a) of the Local Government Act 1974, the Hurunui District Council proposes to stop a portion of the unformed legal road as described in the schedule below.


Unformed legal road adjoining  Sec 1 SO18600 BLK II Lyndon SD, Sec 4 BLK XI Hanmer Township and GAX 1993-1720 Rural Sec 42114 BLK II Lyndon SD – SO 16563-Dog Stream Reserve
Area: 1797m2 shown as Section 1, 2 & 3 on SO Plan 447530.


The purpose of the road closure is to enable the Hurunui District Council to secure the long term future of the adjoining reserve being Rural Section 42114 and known as Brook Dawson Park, as an open green space area.  It is proposed that the road once stopped will be involved in a part amalgamation and part land exchanged as follows: 
Section 1 will be involved in a part land exchange with Section 1 SO 18600 Certificate of title CB35A/404.
Section 2 will amalgamate with Section 41 BLK XI Hanmer Township, certificate of title CB43C/762.
Section 3 will amalgamate with the Rural Section 42114, Recreation reserve NZGZ 1993 p1720. 

The above mentioned plan may be inspected at the Hurunui District Council Offices in Amberley during normal office hours.

Any person objecting to the proposal must lodge their objection in writing at the office of the Hurunui District Council, Carters Road, Amberley, or posted to P O Box 13, Amberley to arrive no later than 4:00pm Thursday 1st March 2012.  Dated at Hurunui District Council, Amberley this 23rd day of January 2012.

This is the first publication of this notice.