Rural Fire restriction - Lifted

Friday 5 Feb 2106 4 pm


Notice is hereby given that the previously advertised Rural Fire Restriction requiring a permit to burn an open air fire, which extended over the whole of the Hurunui District Council Rural Fire Authority area, is lifted from 4pm Friday 5 February 2016, to be replaced by an Open Fire Season.

Fires may now be lit in the open without a permit in Hurunui Rural Fire jurisdiction areas

Restrictions may be re-imposed at a later date if weather conditions create a potentially dangerous fire situation.


The burning of open air fires is prohibited in Urban/Township areas and are not included in this notice, you will need contact your local Fire authority for open air burning rules.

Outdoor fires may not be lit in residential areas except with consent from Environment Canterbury.

Permit still required

Property owners within the Hill and High Country area of the Hurunui District Council Rural Fire Authority, the Ashley Rural Fire District and Department of Conservation Estate fire safety margin are reminded that a Restricted Fire Season is commonly in place all year round within these areas, and that the relevant fire authority should be contacted for a permit prior to any burning.

 Allan Grigg