Submissions on the District Plan may affect your property

And it can happen without you being told anything about it…

The Mayor of Hurunui District, Winton Dalley, explains why it is important for landowners to review the summary document:

While council has consulted widely and over a long period of time with the community, we openly acknowledge that for some people, and for whatever reason, the District Plan process may have slipped under their radar. In acknowledging that, I strongly suggest that you now take the opportunity to check out the submissions to the Plan to ensure that you are fully aware of any implications relating to those submissions for you and your property. I know that our staff will be happy to assist you to navigate the documents and offer any advice you may need.

We encourage you to review the summary document and submissions to check whether your property is affected by a submission

The Hurunui District Council is required to review its District Plan every ten years under the Resource Management Act. The current plan dates to 2003, and a review of the plan started in 2011. Over the last four years the council has been researching, holding workshops and consulting communities. The result is the Proposed Hurunui District Plan which was publicly notified in May 2015. During the submission period (May to July 2015) over 100 submissions were received.

A Summary of the Decisions Requested through the submission process is now available, and council will be receiving further submissions on this summary from 17 September until 9 October, 2015. You can make further submissions if you are:
• a person representing a relevant aspect of the public interest; or
• a person that has in interest in the proposed plan greater than the interest that the general public has.

Further submissions must be confined to either support or opposition and cannot introduce new matters.

Please note that a submission may have requested a change to the Proposed District Plan as it was notified.

It is up to you to check if any submissions may directly affect your property

Our policy planners are available to help with explaining how to navigate the summary document and submissions.
Copies of the Summary of Decisions Requested and original submissions are available for public inspection at the following locations:
• Council’s website:
• Hurunui District Council offices, 66 Carters Road, Amberley
• Your local library or service centre

Further submissions close at 5.00pm on Friday 9 October 2015.