Amberley Concept Development Plan

Concept Development Plan

The Concept Plan vision for Amberley is for a town that is aesthetically pleasing, practical to live and work in, and has a strong sense of community life.

In 2009 the Amberley Governance Group oversaw a Town Centre concept to work towards this objective.  

This group included the Mayor, the three Amberley Ward Councillors, the Chair of Works and Services and Environmental Services committees, the Chair of the Amberley Ward Committee, the Chief Executive Officer, the Manager Engineering Services and the Senior Policy Planner.  

The group was active in driving a number of key projects.

Urban design

The urban design brief for Amberley was to produce a forward masterplan that incorporated a strong identifiable town centre and streetscape, and entrance enhancements.  The Amberley Urban Design Assessment and Concept Plans were adopted by the Governance Group in April 2010.  There are a number of projects resulting from the urban design process including:

Main Street Upgrade

Traffic calming and enhanced crossings for pedestrian safety, extensive street tree planting, improved lighting and additional street furniture are all being installed to enhance traffic safety and visitor enjoyment of the Amberley town centre.

This work is being funded as part of a ongoing process via the Hurunui Long Term Community Plan. The finishing touches are now being put on this significant piece of work.

In the first few months of 2011, topsoil was brought in to regrass the street frontage along the main street where new street furniture has been installed along what will now be known as "The Hurunui Pathway", which provides a pedestrian focus to the western edge of SH1, Chamberlain Park and the historic cob cottage. 

The walkway incorporates narrative stories from the district at ‘stations’ placed at regular intervals. 

New hedging has been planted outside the Cobb Cottage, where there is also now a formal picnic area with new street furniture.

A new sign is still to be erected outside Chamberlain Park, with will also include a directional map.

The installation of lighting along the pathway was interrupted by the earthquake, with staff diverted to Christchurch, and it still needs to be connected to the main supply – and lighting installed at the entrance sign,before this work is complete.

erection of signBoth entranceways to the north and south of Amberley Township are also being upgraded to enhance and increase the profile of the entry and exit locations to Amberley using a series of design measures to effect a transition between the countryside and the township.

Physical works include new signage, ‘gateway’ markers and extensive feature and screening planting.

Planting at the northern entrance cannot be completed until another large Amberley sign is installed. That will happen after discussions with Transit New Zealand around the ‘frangibility’ of the sign are completed.

Zoning Changes

The Council has also made some amendments to the zoning pattern of Amberley via Plan Change 25.  Operative Plan Change 25 introduced a new Business 1 (town centre) Zone at Amberley with associated policies and rules, and rezoned land at Grays Road to Industrial Zone.