Cheviot is well-known for its rural history, with its early sheep stations. From the 1950s, the township of Cheviot was a relatively settled, stable community that was largely self-contained with various trades and businesses.   The Cheviot Rural Water Supply was put in place in 1971, with further extensions in 1980. Cheviot District High School transformed to an area school in 1976, and in 1978, the township’s old hospital was converted to a new medical centre.

The Cheviot area offers a variety of quality accommodation, from hotels and motels to farm stays and home stays that provide a traditional slice of kiwi life. In the township there are several cafes, a museum and a golf course.   The Cheviot Hills Domain and Mansion Foundation was the original site of the historical home of the founder of Cheviot, William “Ready Money” Robinson.   The front steps of the mansion are still in place, and lead into the cricket pavilion. The domain has a charming walkway and superb picnic spots. St Anne’s Lagoon, about 2 km north of Cheviot, is a popular nature reserve that used to provide Māori settlements around the area with eel.  The Sunday  Craft Market is a great place to stop, with a great range of handmade crafts of very high quality available.  The market is often there on Fridays too, weather permitting.

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