Rotherham - Waiau

The township of Waiau was the first of the three main settlements established in the area previously known as the Amuri Ward. 

It originated in the 1860s, and, due to the ferry; the bridging of Waiau River; the opening of the road to Kaikoura and the completion of the railway line; it soon became an important farm servicing and transport centre. 

The development of Rotherham as a township followed in 1877, as it was laid out in order to attract labourers to the district.

Over the years, the Amuri has been an area of traditional large scale farming, characterised in many cases by continuous family ownership across several generations. 

The townships of Amuri-Hurunui epitomise small New Zealand rural towns.  

They are great places to relax and enjoy the local scenery and attractions.  

Rotherham and Waiau offer access to the Waiau River, brimming with trout for the skilful angler and where the salmon run during February and March. 

The Amuri Golf Club also has a 9-hole golf course. 

Watters Cottage, located in Rotherham, is a great example of an original cob cottage.

Amuri Medical Centre

The new Amuri Community Health Centre officially opened its doors to patients in June of 2011.

At a cost of around one million dollars it is one of the largest investments of public money in the area in a number of years and remains testimony to the continued commitment of the Hurunui District Council to integrated health care delivered at a local level and owned and operated by people committed to the Amuri.

The Hurunui District Council is one of the few local authorities in the country to facilitate the provision of health care in its communities – a move designed to make it easier to attract and retain rural doctors in the district.

The new centre, at the corner of Heaton and Wilkins Streets in Rotherham, caters for a wide range of medical services, not just general practice, but also district nursing and specialist care such as audio and eye care and physiotherapy.

The entire Amuri community has fully supported a new medical centre and last year began paying a targeted rate to cover the costs of construction.

Amuri Concept Development Plan