Moko's Book

Moko would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the making of Celebrating Biodiversity in the Hurunui.

Celebrating Biodiversity in the Hurunui District : Low resolution (24Mb) and very low resolution (12Mb) free e-book. Alternatively, download low-mid resolution chapters here:

The Department of Conservation in Rangiora have a few print copies of the 250 page limited edition full colour A4 landscape book  Click here to see what the print book looks like.

Copies of the print book are also available in some Hurunui District libraries.


The 15 winners of the mini group passes to Hanmer Springs Pools are: Asra Ginders, Sarah Allington, Christopher Fazakerley, Reuben Miller, Fletcher Earl, Trinity O’Brien, Ruby Gill-Clifford, Cherish Bullmore, Flynn Crean, Ashleigh Lintott, Deborah Barkley, Lucas Kelly, Miriam Clark, Alex Palmer, and a shared pass to Cole Morgan and Liam Heasley.

Winner of the iPad: Ria Misra

Moko also had four stunning books, each valued at $50, plus a rare boxed copy of Less Molloy and Craig Potton’s magnificent New Zealand’s Wilderness Heritage valued at over $90, and two copies of Treasuring our Biodiversity, each valued at $40 to give away. These were not advertised as prizes as the project was not meant to be competitive. However, the following awards were based on the amazing effort and creativity that went into some of the submissions. These were incredibly difficult to judge, and Moko wished he had a dozen more books and iPads to give away.

The Department of Conservation also awarded copies of Celebrating Biodiversity in the Hurunui to:

List of authors: Rylee Adams, Lee-Anne Alcantara, Sarah Allington, Kristin Baker, Finn Bamford, Deborah Barkley, Charlee Barrett, Celine Barnes, Jamie-Lee Barnes, Jackson Bau, Joanne-Marie Bircham, Keeley Bovey, Cherish Bullmore, Levi Cameron, Bella Caughley, Jesse Cederman, Calybe-Mikaire Chambers, Miriam Clark, Andre Colenso, Josh Collins, Alison Conrad, Emma Conti, Liam Costello, Flynn Crean, James Crosby, Grace Cundy, Eliza Dalzell, Lewis Davidson, Fletcher Earl, Henry Earl, Charlotte Eckardt, Jaya Ellen-Johnson, Caitlan Ellis, Christopher Fazakerley, Alex Fissenden, Lucy Florance, Maddie Foster, India Garden-Young, Katie Gardner, Mathew Garside, Ruby Gemmell, Asra Ginders, Ruby Gill-Clifford, Samuel Hassall, William Hassed, Liam Heasley, Georgia Henderson, Milly Henderson, Regan Holden, Matthew Horn, Jane Jones, Gabrielle Jordan, James Kelly, Lucas Kelly, William Knight, Christa Lamont, Annie le Grelle, Joseph le Grelle, Shiloh Maye Leqeta, Ashleigh Lintott, Hamish Mackintosh, Sam Mahan, Ben McDrury, Caleb McMullen, James Metcalfe, Charlotte Miller, Luke Miller, Lydia Miller, Reuben Miller, Rena Misra, Ria Misra, Cole Morgan, Danielle Mundy, Johnny Murchison, Blair Norton, Trink O’Brien, Corban Painter, Alex Palmer, Holly Parish, Isabella Penter, Ethan Purvis, Quan Quirke, Tom Ruck, Simagul Sawari, Ali Jan Sawari, Ella Scarlet, Madeline Scarlet, Jessica Shearer, Andrew Sheddan, Grace Spencer, Skyla Squires, Cherie Sutherland, Dylan Topp, Krista Vernal, Ashton Walker, Ashleigh Watson, Bradley White, Chantelle White, Shanaya White, Blair Wilkins, George Wilkins, Tanya Wilson.

Previous recipients of random draw spot prizes: Ruby Gemmell, Celine Barnes, Luke Miller, Deborah Barkley, Lucas Kelly, Lee-Anne Alacantra, George Wilkins and Danielle Mundy.