Citizenship Ceremonies

These ceremonies are organised for people residing in New Zealand who want to become New Zealand citizens and who have completed the citizenship process.

The Department of Internal Affairs manages all aspects of the paperwork relating to who can apply and how it is done. They also process all the paperwork that goes with each person or family group seeking citizenship.

Citizenship ceremony

The Hurunui District Council only hosts the official ceremony, where people undertake the "swearing in" process. In acknowledgement of this, the Mayor presents them with their official Citizenship Certificate, a native tree in celebration of their new status, and also invites them for light refreshments with the Councillors. These ceremonies are  done throughout the year as the need arises. Usually there are two or three ceremonies a year. 

Anybody with any queries regarding the Department of Internal Affairs part of the process are asked to contact the Citizenship Contact Centre on 0800 22 51 51.

For queries regarding the actual Ceremony, please contact the Citizenship Ceremony Coordinator at the Hurunui District Council on DDI 03-314-0011.

Visit the Department of Internal Affairs website to view or print a Citizenship Application.