Community Funding

If your Community Group (and in some cases individuals) requires funding for a community project, access the sites below to find out what is available for your specific requirements and which funding agency supports your application. If you are seeking funding for an environmental or biodiversity project, you can download a short summary of possible funding bodies (complied June 2013). This document also contains tips and advise on how to apply.

  • The Canterbury Social Support Fund - a $10 million fund that has been made available by Government for the 2011/2012 financial year for continued social services support for the people of Canterbury as part of the recovery efforts following the Canterbury and Christchurch earthquakes.
  • Creative Communities New Zealand Funding for the Arts - supports and encourages local communities to create and present diverse opportunities for accessing and participating in arts activities within their specific geographical area, as well as for defined communities of interest. Application forms are also available here.
  • New Zealand Community Trust - gaming machine funds primarily funding sport, however  also provide funds for charitable purposes such as rescue and life-saving services, education, health, the arts, cultural and community groups.   
  • The Lion Foundation - gaming machine funding, not-for-profit Charitable Trust, The Lion Foundation supports a broad range of local causes, from large to small, in areas as diverse as health, education, sports and community.
  • Halberg Trust - The Halberg Trust Activity Fund provides grants to enable young disabled people to participate in sport and recreation within their community.
  • The Fletcher Trust An independent registered charitable trust with a strong historical connection to the development of New Zealand. The Trust informs and supports New Zealanders to continue the best traditions of educational, social, cultural, and business innovation.
  • Rural Communities Trust - The Rural Communities Trust recognises that living in a rural community can mean facing barriers to education, health and other services. Each year the Rural Communities Trust approves grants to individuals, families and groups with a diverse range of needs.
  • Hurunui Heritage Fund - the purpose of the fund is to encourage and assist with voluntary work that protects, enhances, explains or restores significant heritage values of the District.
  • MainPower Hurunui Natural Environment Fund - the purpose of the fund is to encourage and assist with voluntary work that benefits the natural environment. The focus is on work that improves, benefits, enhances, restores or reinstates indigenous natural resources – in particular, land, vegetation, wetlands or bird habitat.
  • The Tindall Foundation - a philanthropic family trust established in 1994 by Stephen and Margaret Tindall. Between 1995 and 2011, The Tindall Foundation has donated $100 million to community organisations and initiatives across New Zealand.

For assistance on how to prepare a funding application, the following web sites offer comprehensive Toolkits.

Creative NZ funding guidelines
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