Amberley Pool 2018/19 Summer Season

Plan to Upgrade the Amberley swimming pool

The Amberley swimming pool has been the subject of much discussion in the past few years due to its aging condition and a community desire for a pool that is modern, heated and operational all year round. The Council plans to renovate the existing pool if that is proven to be a practical option moving forward. Professional assessments of all of the various components of the swimming pool complex is still underway.  This includes assessing the condition of the buildings, swimming pools, mechanical equipment, steel structure, roof etc.  These assessments are expected to be completed by May or June 2019.  We then hope to have enough information to confirm that the pool is suitable to renovate.  Once we have got to that point, we will engage our local community to bring everyone in on the plans going forward. The intent is to modernise the pool and to make the conditions more comfortable including heated water. The Council has set aside $1.5 million for this project.