Amberley Pool 2018/19 Summer Season

The Amberley Swimming pool is open 

Please note the following.

How to find us 

Heading north on the main highway, turn left at the BLUE DAIRY into Douglas Road.

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Plan to Upgrade the Amberley swimming pool

The Amberley swimming pool has been the subject of much discussion in the past few years due to its aging condition and a community desire for a pool that is modern, heated and operational all year round. It has been argued that this type of facility would attract more patrons from throughout the district and other areas. A fund raising society has been actively trying to raise funds for the pool but having difficulty securing large grants until a new pool has been properly scoped and planned.

The Council had set aside $4.5 million in the previous Long Term Plan (2015/25) for the 2018/19 year conditional to $1.75 million being fund raised to offset a portion of the cost. Recent estimates have put the operational costs at $580,000 per year which has concerned the Council. Given the small population for the district, let alone Amberley, it was considered unrealistic to expect ratepayers to fund not only the capital for a new swimming pool,  but high operating costs whether or not they used the pool.

The Council now plans to renovate the existing pool if that is proven to be a practical option moving forward. This was agreed to after a proposal to stage the building of a new pool in two main phases was found to be unpopular with the public. After professional assessments have been made on the pool regarding renovating, there will be further public consultation before final plans are made. The intent at this stage is to modernise the pool and to make the conditions more comfortable including heated water. The Council agreed to retain $1.5 million in the budget to do this.