Parks and Reserves

The Council has a statutory requirement under the Reserves Act 1977, to provide and maintain parks, reserves and recreation areas for the benefit and enjoyment of the public.

Our main responsibilities include ensuring accessibility for public use, and the preservation of indigenous flora and fauna, natural ecosystems and heritage.

Parks, reserves and recreation areas in the Hurunui District include:

Other reserve areas are currently leased and will remain undeveloped until required.

Please see our interactive map for dog friendly areas in the Hurunui District. 

District Reserves Management Plan

The District Reserves Management Plan aims to provide a consistent management approach to the districts reserves. It clarifies lines of responsibility for control and management and provides indicative development directives and priorities through until 2022.

To find a specific reserve use the Quick Reference Guide.

Introduction, Aims and Objectives & General Policies
Amberley Ward
Amuri Ward
Cheviot Ward
Glenmark Ward
Hanmer Springs Ward
Hurunui Ward

Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools Reserve

The Council operates the Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools & Spa on the Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools Reserve. 

The current management plan for the reserve was adopted in November 2011.

Queen Mary Hospital Historic Reserve

In August 2010 the Council acquired 6ha of the former Queen Mary Hospital land, including the Chisholm Ward, Soldiers' Block and Nurses' Hostel historic buildings, for preservation for future generations.  

The current management plan for the reserve was approved by the Minister of Conservation in December 2011.

Conical Hill Reserve

The Council has prepared a 10 year Forest Management Programme  for Conical Hill Reserve.

Council has prepared a revegetation  plan for an area of Conical Hill that was cleared of pine trees in 2013.

Hanmer Springs Severe Weather Closure Protocol 

From time to time severe weather conditions such as high winds, heavy snow fall and heavy rain may threaten the safety of the public if they access council reserves and recreational tracks. The main threats include falling trees and branches in high winds and heavy snow, and flooding during heavy rain fall. During such severe weather events, in the interest of public safety the council may close a reserve or walking track for a period of time until it is deemed safe for the public to re-enter. The Protocol for the Temporary Closure of Hanmer Springs Reserves and Track Network During Severe Weather Conditions was developed to outline the processes and procedures that would occur for these closures to occur.

The reserves that would be affected by closure during severe weather events have been identified by high use areas with a large number of trees, and presence of waterways. The following reserves may be affected by temporary closure during a severe weather event.

Freedom Camping

Freedom camping within Council reserves is subject to the Freedom Camping Bylaw.

Take a look at the interactive freedom camping maps to see where you can freedom camp in the district.

Swimming Pools

The Council has two 25 yard public swimming pools located at Amberley and Rotherham.  They provide a focus for families, schools and communities. 

The quality of the water at the pools is continuously monitored to ensure health and safety for all users.  Swimming lessons help all ages to enjoy the water safely, and lane swimming is available for serious trainers.

The Amberley Swimming Pool is staffed by fully trained personnel, and open seven days a week at various session times during the summer months. 

The Rotherham pool is community-run and used by the local school.


Civil Aviation Authority rules require drone operators to obtain the permission of all landowners whose properties they will fly over. This includes permission of Council when flying over Council owned land. If you are thinking of flying your drone over a Council reserve please read the Council's drone policy.

Running Events on Council Reserves