Post Earthquake - Building Updates

Building inspections

If you are away from home and want to know the status of your building OR you have concerns about the SAFETY of the building based on damage you can see then fill in the form below. Please don't expect an instant response!

Post Earthquake building inquiry - Check your property status

Any inspections of damage for repairs should be arranged by the building owner through their insurance company and EQC. 

Building stickers and what they mean

Red Sticker

No entry unless entry conditions are specified on the notice.  This sticker is usually accompanied by tape to restrict access to the site.

Entry can be gained if accompanied by an engineer.  The property owner is responsible for engaging an engineer and arranging this.  

Yellow Sticker

Access restricted to certain parts of the building. This status may be lifted once repairs have been carried out and inspected. Contact Hurunui District Council to arrange the re-visit.

White Sticker

Full access but doesn’t mean there isn't some damage. The building is safe to enter and use.