Meridian Energy Ltd rebuttal

 1. Mr A J Muldoon  
 2. Mr P C Botha  
 3. Mr J T Truesdale  
 4. Mr E D Breese  
 5. Dr V F Keesing  
 6. Dr L P Barea  
 7. Mr L M Wiles  
 8. Mr S Hooson 1 Revised Vegetation Map
    2 Potential Sites Identified for Legal Protection
    3 AUSWEA (2005)  Reference
 9. Mr A D Carr  
 10. Dr S G Chiles A G Bellhouse (2000)
    B Beca and Marshall Day Acoustics (2000)
 11. Dr K Petrie  
 12. Ms T Breen  
 13. Mr R J Greenway


 14. Mr A P McKinney  

A Simulation (can be viewed at the Council's offices or requested on CD). 

 15. Mr R J Maunder  
 16. Mr T Crighton  
 17. Mr K G Gimblett  
 18. Dr D R Black  
 19. Mr P Rough Graphic attachment (will be available to view at Council's offices shortly).