Emergency Management

The Council is responsible for Civil Defence and Emergency Management in the district.

It is charged with preparing our community to respond, as individuals and as a community, in times of disaster through heightened awareness and good planning. 

Community groups who will play a role in the event of a major disaster are involved in detailed planning, awareness programmes' training, exercising volunteers and providing support coordination training.

Civil Defence Role in any Disaster

Civil Defence is an administrative organisation that facilitates emergency work in times of disasters. 

They do not physically carry out any rescue work   -  they are the planners.

The Hurunui District Council has a District Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) at Amberley and Sector Headquarters at Amberley, Cheviot, Hanmer Springs, Culverden, Mt Lyford, Motunau, Waiau and Hawarden. 

Sector posts are usually established at primary schools throughout the District, but there has been a change in emphasis   -  using schools as welfare collection points.

In an emergency, the District Head Quarters at Amberley can be contacted on 0800 155 180.

Be prepared

Get Ready get thruMake sure that you and your family are prepared in the event of an emergency. As a guide, you should prepare enough food and water for each person to last three days.

Things to include in your "B-READY KIT"

Canned, non perishable food
Water (3 litres per person per day)
BBQ or other means of cooking
Personal medication
Torch, batteries
Radio, batteries
Toilet paper, plastic bags and bucket

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Red Cross Role in an Emergency

Red Cross (New Zealand) has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Canterbury Civil Defence Emergency Management Group (Canterbury CDEM Group) to provide support during emergency management incidents.

Because the Hurunui District Council is a member of Canterbury CDEM Group, it may call upon Red Cross support during a local emergency within the terms of the MOU. Red Cross will attempt to provide the agreed support where possible.

The support is likely to involve Red Cross staff supporting a local CDEM welfare unit with registration of people who are evacuated, displaced or needing welfare support. The welfare unit will still need to provide local volunteers to undertake its emergency responsibilities, and where possible Red Cross will supplement those staff.