Hurunui District Council - Waste and Recycling

Hurunui District Council provides a range of waste and recycling services including rubbish and recycling kerbside collections, transfer stations, recycling banks and a schools and community group - recycling and waste minimisation education programme.

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Earthquake Waste

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Transfer Stations and Recycling Banks

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Hurunui District Council - Waste and Recycling Tonnages

The recycling tonnages for the last three full rating years and for July 2016 through to the end of April 2017 are provided below.

  2013/2014  2014/2015 2015/2016 2016/2017
Kerbside Recycling 365.244 353.81 367.10 263.55
Transfer Station Recycling 256.168 288.866 388.92 362.50
Glass 506.5 536.26 646.84 507.18

Green Waste





Other Recycling (further details below) 28.0246 11.563 11.0125 7.986
Total Recycling 1,227.08 1,248.599 1,461.74 1,196.817
Waste to Kate Valley 2,169.56 2,832.92 3,042.10 2,985.76

Note:  Other recycling - includes car batteries, clothing, e-waste, engine oil, paint and containers collected via the Agrecovery recycling scheme (at Culverden transfer station).

The increase in waste is due to Hurunui Council accepting commercial waste via Amberley transfer station and increased volumes following the November 2016 earthquake.