Refuse and Recycling Collections - non holiday weeks

Monday Collections. Gore Bay, Hanmer Springs and Mt Lyford.
Tuesday Collections.  Amberley, Amberley Beach, Leithfield and Leithfield Beach.
Wednesday Collections. Cheviot, Greta Valley, Omihi, Motunau Beach, Scargill and Waipara.
Thursday Collections. Culverden, Hawarden, Rotherham, Waiau and Waikari.

Changes to collections due to public holidays are advertised on council's website and Facebook page, in the News and community newsletters.

Only official Hurunui Council refuse and recycling bags will be collected.  Refuse and recycling not in official Hurunui Council bags will be stickered and left.  Hurunui Council refuse and recycling bags are available at the following outlets. 

The cost of the refuse and recycling bags covers collection, processing or disposal.  Hurunui Council will not collect non-Hurunui Council refuse or recycling bags or those sold by other councils.

Recycling Collections – Guidelines.

Via the recycling collections, it is possible to recycle the following, which must be placed loose in an official Hurunui District Council recycling bag.

Bundles of cardboard and newspapers, which will not fit in the recycling bags should be flattened, tied into secure bundles and taken to the transfer stations.  Unless in a recycling bag, cardboard will not be collected.

The following must not be put in the recycling bags.

Recycling bags must be securely tied and left at the kerbside or official pickup point by 8am on collection day.  Bags split before the contractors arrival and non official bags are not the crew’s responsibility to clean up.

In Hanmer Springs, household glass bottles are collected.  These must be placed in a Council recycling box to be collected.  Please remember the following.

Refuse Collections – Guidelines.

Only official Hurunui District Council refuse bags will be collected.  These must be at the kerbside boundary of the property or official pickup point by 8am on collection day.  Refuse will not be collected if:

Bags split before the contractors arrival and incorrect bags, are not the crew’s responsibility to clean up.

Rural Refuse and Recycling Collections

Rural householders can use the refuse and / or recycling collection service providing official Hurunui Council refuse and recycling bags are used and the collection guidelines followed.  

Unless agreed in advance with Council, official refuse and recycling bags must be left at one of the following drop off points by 8am on collection day only.



Greta Valley.            






Note: Only official Hurunui District Council bags will be removed.  Anything else will be deemed illegally dumped under the Litter Act (1979), Sections 14 and 15.