Schools and Community Recycling and Waste Minimisation Education Programme

Hurunui Council funds a programme to work with Hurunui schools, pre-schools, community groups and organisations to provide a recycling and waste minimisation education / awareness raising programme.

As part of this programme exciting things are happening, including a new waste and recycling resource pack, which has been delivered to schools and pre-schools.

The free programme focuses on waste minimisation and recycling and is Hurunui specific.  Through the programme, pupils, teachers, staff and communities can learn to:

Local information is provided including what to place into the recycling bag, the services available at Hurunui's transfer stations and the additional waste management and recycling programmes available. 

We are happy to provide:

For details on the recycling and waste minimisation education programme, call Serina Linton at council on 03 314 8816 or 027 403 6574.

One Planet E-Book

The One Planet eBook has been put together as a Canterbury-wide project and offers a one-stop shop for a vast range of information, videos and links on waste and its associated issues.

The One Planet eBook provides a wide range of information regarding local resource recovery, the global implications of waste and the importance of everyone contributing towards helping to divert waste from being disposed of into landfill.