Drought Relief Deferment Policy

Drought affected rate payers Policy


Update on the Drought Relief Committee - Chaired by Mayor Winton Dalley

The Drought Committee has been active since last April meeting weekly on a Conference calls.

Our roll has been mainly co-ordinating and communicating drought relief activities.

These included distribution of donated feed, grazing options, and technical information events.Also important to the committee has been social support activities to assist the maintenance of community morale.We encourage all Farmers and Rural Business to seek professional support and advice for all financial and personal welfare concerns.

The majority of the District has received less than 50% of average rainfall over the last 18 months. The severity of the drought is random across the district with localised areas more serious than others. Further de-stocking is currently the most viable response for those most affected.

For information or assistance contact;

Drought Coordinating Comm.  Chair    Mayor Winton Dalley   0297702866
Rural Support Trust Chair  Doug Archbold  0273400878
Federated Farmers Chair  Dan Hodgen  0274588910

We remind all those affected by the drought to read our Rates Deferment policy.

If you think that this may apply to your situation please contact our Chief Financial Officer Jason Beck 03 3140029 to arrange an appointment.